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What if you were to give each member a new nickname?

Murakami: Alright, let's start with Subaru. Obviously, something like "Barusu~" fits the best.
Yokoyama: I like that. "Barusu~"
Nishikido: How about "Shy person"??
Ohkura: That works too. How about "Buyan"? Taking the "Bu" from "Shibutani."
Maruyama: I have him as "Shaba Ou" (Splash King) in my cellphone. About 5 years ago, we were on location for a Kansai tv show and had a swimming segment, but Subaru-kun's swimming technique was horrible and he just kept splashing (laughs). Since then, I've been calling him "Shaba Ou."
Yokoyama: I've never heard of that before in my life (laughs).

Maruyama: Because it's something I kept to myself. Actually, "Shaba Ou" only belongs to me, so I don't want anyone else using it.
Nishikido: Then don't bring it up now! (laughs)
Shibutani: Wow, I'm so thankful that everyone's giving this so much thought~
Ohkura: But, y'know, Subaru's name "Subaru" alone has a lot of impact so isn't it fine the way it is?
Yokoyama: You're ignoring the point of this (laughs). It is the theme, so we should probably come up with a new nickname?
Yasuda: Ok then. Let's go with "Barusu~"
Shibutani: I love it.
Murakami: He loves it!
Yokoyama: Ok, next. Hina will always be Hina. That's the ultimate nickname right there.
Yasuda: Yup. It's solid.
Murakami: True. It's like I've been given a nickname that would never change even if I tried.
Maruyama: How about "Chanshi~"? Like switching Shin-chan's name around like they do in the entertainment business. Don't a lot of people call him that now?
Nishikido: I sometimes just call him "Murakami" as a joke (laughs).
Ohkura: But for Shin-chan, if we were to try to think of a new one for him, don't you get the feeling that it would be in the direction of something like "Gorilla" or "Fangs"?
Yasuda: Yeah. It would go in that direction.
Ohkura: So, let's just stick with "Hina-chan"?
Yokoyama: Although, people who don't know its origin wouldn't understand it at all. They'd be like "Why Hina!?" (laughs)
Yasuda: He really was the splitting image of Hinagata Akiko in the past~ (laughs). I think it's only us members that call him "Hina"?
Murakami: Nah, TackeyTsuba (Tackey and Tsubasa) who I was with a lot in my Jr. days and Arashi call me that too.
Ryo: Then even better. Let's not change it.
Yasuda: Yokoyama-kun already has a lot of nicknames doesn't he? Like "Yoko" or "Yokocho"...
Maruyama: "Whitey Yokoyama" too. But actually, didn't we decide on "Yuchin" at our very first arena concert at Osaka Dome?
Murakami: That's right.
Shibutani: Then, let's lump them all together and make it "Tate" (Vertical)! Instead of "Yoko" (Horizontal), he should just be "Tate."
Yasuda: Well if you think about it that way, "Naname" (Diagonal) would work too?
Murakami: Then take the "Sha" from "斜め" (diagonal)!
Maruyama: How about "Sha・Kure" (person with turned up chin)?
Nishikido: This is getting complicated (laughs). Or more like, if we're going with that, Maru, you're Shakure too.
Ohkura: Then how about "Koyama-kun"? Like, we shrunk "Yokoyama-kun."
Shibutani: Ok then, lumping together this and that, let's go with "Gushiken Yoko"!
Murakami: Yeah, that would be the next obvious step.
Yasuda: That's good.
Ohkura: I like "Gushiken Yoko" too.
Nishikido: To be exact, you mean "Yōkō" right?
Yokoyama: Anything's fine with me.
Shibutani: Then let's lump them all together and go with "Yoko."
Murakami: Well, if Subaru wants them all lumped together, it's decided. I think "Da~yasu" is good for Yasuda.
Yasuda: That's definitely not something people have called me before.
Maruyama: A while back, there was a time when you said that "Yasu" and "Yasuda" don't sound personal enough so you told us to call you "Shota."
Ohkura: But "Shota" is so normal.
Shibutani: How about "Ya~suda"?
Murakami: That works.
Yokoyama: How about "Yasuda
" instead of "Yasuda"?
Yasuda: That's super funny, but isn't it super hard to convey through a magazine?
Nishikido: In other words, pronounce it in regular Japanese as opposed to the Kansai-ben intonation.
Maruyama: Gotta hand it to, Ryo-chan. Always good at explaining things.
Ohkura: hahaha
Nishikido: Or how about "Blond"? Why do you keep changing your hair style like that (laughs)? But according to Yokoyama-kun's theory, it's because you want to stand out. He said you want to stand out in Eito, so you keep chaning your hair styles like that.
Yokoyama: I did indeed say that. That's my theory.
Yasuda: No! (laughs)
Murakami: So, what are we going with!?
Shibutani: I don't know about you guys, but I call him "Kobayashi."
Maruyama: I vote for "Kobaoyashi" too.
Ohkura: I like that too. With this much support, guess it's settled as "Kobayashi"? (bursts out laughing)
Nishikido: You're laughing now, but you're next, Ohkura!
Murakami: Isn't "Tacchon" the most widely known among the general public? Either that or "Ohkura" or "Ohkura-Sho" (Japan's Ministry of the Treasury).
Ohkura: Yeah, most members call me "Ohkura." My friends call me "Tatsu."
Maruyama: Hmm~ I generally use "Tacchon."
Yokoyama: Ohkura should just be "Hotel." Or just go by its full name.
Murakami: Full name? Oh, you mean the hotel's full name? "Hotel Ohkura."
Yokoyama: Yeah, of course.
Ohkura: Yeah, makes sense. That's whithin expectations.
Shibutani: Although I sometimes call him "Ohori." Right, Ohori?
Maruyama: Makes no sense (laughs).
Shibutani: Also sometimes "Chun Chun." Taking the "Tada" (also read as "Chu") kanji character from Tadayoshi.
Nishikido: Come to think of it, people used to call you "Chun Chun" a lot.
Murakami: Recently, I sometimes call him "Yoshi-kun."
Ohkura: Murakami-kun sometimes calls me that totally out of the blue. To tell you the truth, it actually makes me really happy. It feels so personal.
Yasuda: But I think "Hotel" is the best after all?
Ohkura: Fine already, we'll go with that. But can we at least make it clear each time that I am not affiliated with that hotel whatsoever?
Nishikido: What a pain (laughs). I can say for sure that no one cares about that.
Yokoayama: Dokkun offen gets called "Nishikido" or "Dokkun" or "Ryo" right? As for me, "Dokkun."
Murakami: As for me, I probably don't call him by a nickname or his name at all. I mostly just say, "Hey, you."
Nishikido: Huh? How come? You always just call me "Ryo" (laughs).
Yasuda: I just call him "Ryo." He has such normal nicknames.
Maruyama: I call him "Ryo-chan."
Ohkura: I wonder why? We don't generally consider Ryo's character as one to poke fun at. To be honest, I call him "Nishiyan" in my Johnny's Web (blog) but it's not catching on at all among the other members or fans (laughs).
Murakami: Then just "Ryo" then.
Yasuda: We went full circle again and ended back at "Ryo."
Shibutani: I prefer "Nyooo."
Yokoyama: (completely ignores Subaru) Dokkun, why don't you just choose the one you like?
Nishikido: I like "Dokkun" the best after all. Sometimes, when I'm out in the city filming, people passing by call out to me, right? They always call me "Nishikido!!" It sounds so formal. So a nickname like "Dokkun" sounds so much more personal and makes me happy.
Shibutani: Maru's easy. We'll go with "Shakure."
Maruyama: Correct!
Nishikido: "Gums"!
Maruyama: Correct!
Murakami: "The Guy With The Weird Lips"!
Maruyama: Correct!
Yasuda: "The Weird Guy"!
Maruyama: Correct!
Nishikido: "The Guy Who Had His Braces Removed Half Way Through"!
Maruyama: Correct!
Yasuda: "Pet"!
Maruyama: Correct!
Shibutani: "The Mouth Man"! Because he talks a lot.
Maruyama: Correct! Could we add the catchphrase "Will Make you Shake With Fear" to each of those? "The Mouth Man Who Will Make You Shake With Fear!" It would do wonders for my presence~
Ohkura: (laughs loudly) My favorite is "Pet." Because he's always going berserk in the dressing room by himself and he's like our pet.
Nishikido: I like "Pet" too (laughs).
Shibutani: Alright, lumping it all together we'll go with "Maru."
Murakami: If Subaru says we're lumping it all together, it's decided.


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Nov. 6th, 2011 02:29 am (UTC)
Maruyama: Gotta hand it to, Ryo-chan. Always good at explaining things.
Nishikido: "Gums"!
Maruyama: Correct!
Nishikido: "The Guy Who Had His Braces Removed Half Way Through"!
Maruyama: Correct!

and 'Pet' lol I enjoyed how he wanted a catchphrase to go at the end <333

also OMG to Yoshi-kun! can I say OMG to that? I just did it twice XDD
Nov. 6th, 2011 03:59 am (UTC)
Maru wanted his catchphrase to go in the beginning but I couldn't make it sound right in English so I just left it at that. XD

Yoshi-kun~ Hina is like such a big brother to Hotel Ohkura. It's so cute <333
Nov. 6th, 2011 06:38 pm (UTC)
I hope you're gonna share this at the Eden as well. ;)

> How about "Shanshi~"?

I think it was "Chanshi"? 8Da
Nov. 6th, 2011 07:40 pm (UTC)
I think it was "Chanshi"? 8Da

...Yes, that would make a lot more sense, wouldn't it? XD *fixes*
Nov. 6th, 2011 07:33 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the translation. :D
Nov. 6th, 2011 11:19 pm (UTC)
You're very welcome! :D
Nov. 7th, 2011 12:09 pm (UTC)
Ohkura: But for Shin-chan, if we were to try to think of a new one for him, don't you get the feeling that it would be in the direction of something like "Gorilla" or "Fangs"?


Thanks for the translation! It was fun to read! :D
Nov. 9th, 2011 08:44 am (UTC)
I think for Hina's sake they should stick with Hina. XDD

You're welcome!! I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did~
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