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Semi-Friends Only


As the banner says :D Comment to be added~
Before working together in the movie, what were your impressions of each other?

Eita: I watched Maru-chan on TV. I always thought there was more to him than just being funny. So then, the very first time we met eye to eye and greeted one another, there was a really good easygoing-ness about him. But at the same time, I got the feeling that there was something more complex about him and that there were things he harbored. I thought that there must be something deep inside him and I wanted to investigate. I became really interested in that aspect of him.

Eita sees right through you, Maru o__oCollapse )
Get the lovely scans here~ <3

Q. How would you welcome someone to your house?

A. "Enjoy your stay~"Collapse )

What if you were to give each member a new nickname?

Murakami: Alright, let's start with Subaru. Obviously, something like "Barusu~" fits the best.
Yokoyama: I like that. "Barusu~"
Nishikido: How about "Shy person"??
Ohkura: That works too. How about "Buyan"? Taking the "Bu" from "Shibutani."
Maruyama: I have him as "Shaba Ou" (Splash King) in my cellphone. About 5 years ago, we were on location for a Kansai tv show and had a swimming segment, but Subaru-kun's swimming technique was horrible and he just kept splashing (laughs). Since then, I've been calling him "Shaba Ou."
Yokoyama: I've never heard of that before in my life (laughs).

Read more...Collapse )
Game rules are simple: If Eito gets all matching answers 3 times in a row, they get one million yen prize money. They only have 7 chances to do it or else the person held responsible for their failure has to face a nasty batsu game.


Unubore Deka, I will miss you. T_T

(gifs made by camaronzin)

Ahhhhh what an awesome final episode. Couldn't have asked for more. Possibly the most satisfying finale I've seen in a long time. There will be an empty space left in my heart every Friday, where UnuDeka used to be.

Unubore, Sadamecchi and the rest of the Unubore Gang...they were all such lovable characters. I hope KudoKan has more in store for them in the future. What I love most about Kudo Kankuro is how he treats his characters with love and respect until the very end.

Why isn't anyone else watching? ;O;
Misshitsu Nazotoki Variety Dashutsu Game DERO! (or for short, Dero) is now my favorite show. First of all, Kanjani8 are semi-regulars so that makes it awesome by default, but believe it or not it gets even better.

A team of Japanese comedians and idols are blindfolded and led into a mysterious room. As soon as they're in, the door locks behind them and the floor gradually retreats from beneath their feet. All they're left with are 3 wooden planks to stand on and 3 "plungers of life" to suction onto the wall and hang on to.

Sorry, but the pretty red bow isn't fooling anyone.

Will they make it out alive...? (Read: Beware! A whole lot of caps under this here cut)Collapse )
Rewatching Kiraware Matsuko no Issho (Memories of Matsuko) reminded me just how much I love this movie. The music is fantastic, the story is engaging, but most of all, each scene is absolutely stunning. Not to mention, where else can you find Nakatani Miki, Eita, Iseya Yusuke, Tanihara Shosuke, Kudo Kankuro, Kurosawa Asuka, Shibasaki Kou, Takeda Shinji, Arakawa Yoshiyoshi, Kimura Kaela, Tsuchiya Anna, and Bonnie Pink (just to name a few), all in a single movie?

Here are some screencaps of my favorite shots for your, as well as my own, visual pleasure. A fair warning though: there's A WHOLE LOT of color packed into this collage. Only minor spoilers ahead, if any, so don't worry if you haven't seen it yet. :Dv

"Please eat soup! and Please eat me!"Collapse )

Nagase scares small children


That poor kid is scarred for life.

Sadly, I don't have any .gifs of dancing Unubore at hand, but apparently those hilarious sexy moves were all improvised. Here's hoping they put the uncut version in the DVD boxset like they said they wanted to. <3